Tools for Sobriety

If you would like to learn more about LifeRing, please visit the LifeRing website at for a wealth of information and recovery resources, including information about LifeRing’s vibrant on-line communities and social networking sites. In LifeRing, we’re all about finding the sobriety tools that work best for you, and the LifeRing website is a great place to find new tools to add to your toolbox.

Many LifeRing Utah participants have found the book Empowering Your Sober Self, written by LifeRing founder Martin Nicolaus, provides an indispensable overview of the philosophy and strength-based practices that define the LifeRing approach. The book may be available in local libraries, and is also available for purchase at all local meetings.  An audio version, narrated by Nicolaus, is also available from

We sometimes have topic-specific LifeRing meetings, and use The Recovery by Choice Workbook, also available at all local meetings, as a starting point for many of those discussions. Meeting convenors usually have a copy of the workbook at meetings, if you would like to look through it before purchasing it.  A couple of chapters are available as downloads, too, from the LifeRing website.

And that’s just the beginning …